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Residential Project

You want to self-consume your own energy. We have monocrystalline solar panels whose excellent value combined with aesthetics will delight you.

Roof Top Project

Discover our most suitable products for your future self-consumption and / or resale of electricity on the grid. We help you make the best choice for you.

Ground Mounted Project

A ground mounted project on a huge area? You will find all the technical details of our monocrystalline and bifacial modules, performance and technicality guaranteed.


Sharing their points of view

“ We are dealing with Talesun from the start and we have not had any issue so far in terms of quality! "

Hans Lambrechts
CEO Sun Projects, The Netherlands

“ Talesun is a very good module supplier, we have competitive pricing in combination with good quality product! ”

Marina Dogge

“ As far as I know I am one of the oldest customers of Talesun. I keep coming back, the people are good quality but most important Talesun modules are of very good quality! “

Stefan Kutsche
CEO SK Solar, Germany

" Talesun has helped us from the beginning, thanks to Talesun we have been able to win a lot of tenders as we were directly importing modules from China in the beginning. Now Talesun is a recognized brand we can built on!"

Robert Meijer
CEO Solar Noord, The Netherlands

" After 4 years we can say we are happy with our cooperation. Talesun helped us in approaching the project market in an early stage. As for our parent organization Oosterberg it has always been considered as a high risk business we are happy to conclude that Talesun helped us taking most risks away by delivering high quality products!"

Remon Hanste
CEO Hadec, The Netherlands