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The TALESUN monofacial main features are lower energy output losses, wide range of applications, optimized structural design, material configuration.


Monofacial Module 120 cells

360 – 380W  9BB Half-cut Mono Perc


Monofacial 9BB half-cut mono perc, the classic mono
– A Great combo: Great Power, light and compact, easy to install
360 – 380W
– Modules Dimensions
: 1755*1038*35mm (69.09*40.87*1.38inches)


Monofacial Module 120 cells

360 – 380W  10BB Half-cut Mono Perc


– Monocrystalline 182*182mm Cells
440 – 460W
– Modules Dimensions:
1908*1134*35mm (75.12*44.65*1.38inches)
– Very good ratio : power/efficiency/size/weight


Monofacial Module 156 cells

570 – 590W  10BB Half-cut Mono Perc


– The first step if you need great power
– Good ratio: potency and size
– 570 – 590W
– Dimensions of modules: 2465*1134*35 mm (97.05*44.65*1.38 inches)


Monofacial Module 132 cells

650-670W 12BB Half-cut Mono Perc


The big one
A big size: 2384*1303*35mm (93.86*51.30*1.38inches)
– A great power : 650 – 670W
– A very good efficiency : 21,6


Our modules in action

Roofing in Slovenia – Monocrystalline TP660M

This 165kW project was mounted on a roof covering and consists of TALESUN TP660M monocrystalline modules.
See the project

7MW of monocrystalline modules in Switzerland

This creation consists of 26,000 TALESUN TP660M Feather monocrystalline panels of 275 Wp, chosen for their lightness and their performance.
See the project

A solar powered supermarket

This German shopping center installed this ecological 2.2 MVW photovoltaic system on its commercial roof located in Nordhorn in Germany.
See the project

As one of the oldest photovoltaic technologies, monocrystalline cell technology has undergone the most precise and technical tests. Over the years, advancements in this technology have dramatically improved its efficiency.

Unlike bifacial solar panels, monofacial solar has only one side of solar cells collecting light. Therefore, monofacial solar modules also do not require reflective surfaces or special mounting equipment.

Although bifacial modules have higher efficiency ratings, it is certain that they involve more complex configuration, special equipment and additional requirements. In addition to these particular conditions, these solar panels require specific assembly, additional equipment, which ultimately represents a greater investment.

Depending on the characteristics of the land and the challenges of solar exploitation, the monofacial remains the most suitable solar panel.

We offer you our high-performance monofacial monocrystalline modules in 60, 72 and 78 cells, perfectly suited for your photovoltaic projects and installations on the ground, on the roof or for residential solar projects. Come and discover our very large modules, in 166mm and 182mm cells.
All our modules have a 12-year product warranty. Check them out all below.

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