Talesun Solar Supplies Modules for

Turkey’s Largest Solar–Hydro Hybrid Project

Talesun Solar, a leading PV module manufacturer, announced that the company has supplied solar modules for a Turkey’s largest solar-hydro hybrid project, which is installed with a capacity of 80MW and built next to a 510MW hydroelectric plant. The hybrid project has been grid-connected recently, and is invested by Cengiz Energy, a subsidiary of Cengiz Holding, one of the largest energy investment company in Turkey.

Located in Bingöl Province, Turkey, the hybrid project utilizes Talesun’s high-efficiency solar modules using with half-cut technology, and it is built on approximately 120-hectare spare land of the hydroelectric plant to meet Turkey’s growing demand for clean energy while effectively raising the utilization of the land.

With the incorporation of the solar power plant, the solar-hydro hybrid project has become Turkey’s first of its kind with a total installed capacity of 590MW. The 80MW hybrid project is expected to generate clean electricity of 127GWh per year, equivalent to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 85,000 tons every year.


As market leading solar company in Turkey, Talesun Solar has been working closely with Cengiz Energy to contribute to Turkish solar industry, and it has signed PV module supply agreements with Cengiz Energy totally 180MW for hybrid, rooftop and self-consumption solar projects in Turkey.

Mr. Ahmet Cengiz, President of Cengiz Holding Energy Group, said: “ It is Turkey’s first and the world’s second-largest hybrid power plant.Lower Kaleköy or Aşağı Kaleköy was the sixth-largest private system of its kind before adding the solar facility.”

Mr. Mustafa Eskiçırak, General Manager of Cengiz Energy, said: “With Talesun Solar’s high-quality products, professional services, and well-deserved industry reputation, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with them. We’re confident that the positive supplier relationship will significantly facilitate our business development efforts in Turkish solar market going forward.”

Mr. Shuguang Dong, President of Talesun Solar, commented: “We are honored and delighted to have been chosen by Cengiz Energy for the largest hybrid project in Turkey. Over the past few years, Talesun solar has been maintaining its strong presence on Turkish top solar module brands with solid customer base. We trust this project will open doors to the further development of solar power projects across Turkey and other Eurasian countries.”

Turkish grid operator TEIAS has announced that about 398 MW of new PV systems were added to the grid in Q1 2021. The additions brought the country’s total installed solar capacity to 7.6 GW. With net metering, YEKA auction scheme and other policy mechanisms, Turkey is accelerating solar energy investments, and the annual PV installation of the country is projected to reach over 1.4 GW in 2021.

TALESUN biggest project in Turkey

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