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At the heart of an agricultural area




Lincolnshire is a county in England located on the North Sea coast in the east of England, with a long coastline in the North Sea in the east.

Lincolnshire UK - 13 MW

It borders Norfolk to the southeast, Cambridgeshire to the south, Rutland to the southwest, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire to the west, South Yorkshire to the northwest and East Riding of Yorkshire to the north. The main city is the city of Lincoln.

The county has several geographic sub-regions, including the hilly chalk hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds. To the southeast are the Lincolnshire Fens (southeast of Lincolnshire), the Carrs (similar to the Fens but north of Lincolnshire) and the North Sea coast around Grimsby and Scunthorpe, and to the southwest of the county , the highlands of Kesteven, comprising rolling limestone hills in the district of South Kesteven. The Lincolnshire bedrock includes Jurassic limestone (near Lincoln) and Cretaceous chalk (north-east).

The geography of Lincolnshire is quite varied, but consists of several distinct areas: Lincolnshire Wolds – hilly area in the northeast of the county designated as an area of exceptional natural beauty Les Fagnes – dominating the southeast quarter of Les marais county – along the county coast The Lincoln Edge / Cliff – limestone escarpment extending from north to south along the western half of the county And numerous nature reserves.

Although the Lincolnshire countryside is intensively cultivated, there are many wetlands of biodiversity, as well as linden forests. Lincolnshire has long been a predominantly agricultural region and continues to grow large quantities of wheat, barley, sugar beet and rapeseed. In south Lincolnshire, where the soil is particularly rich in nutrients, some of the most common crops include potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and onions.


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