Decize / France, December 1, 2020.

The whole TALESUN team is proud to share this good news: The construction of a photovoltaic power plant with a power of 14.7 MWp began last week in the old fortress city of Decize, located in central France.

The project was developed by our French partner: the French subsidiary Energiequelle P&T Technologie in cooperation with EREA Ingenierie as part of the CRE 4.6 call for tenders in September 2019.
This call for tenders was particularly complicated because the main requirement was to respect a strict carbon footprint not exceeding 450 kg CO2 equivalent / kWp for the modules.

We are proud that our partner has won this call for tender, because as you know, an excellent carbon footprint is important to us and even if on the French market, competition is present, we stand out from the competition. TALESUN offers a real rich experience in terms of carbon footprint performance of our modules because we can offer our customers real expertise and deep know-how.

It is therefore in the coming months that approximately 36,000 405 Wp power modules will be manufactured in our Talesun factories and installed over an area of ​​15.6 hectares.

The French group Bouygues SA will build the access point to the transfer station. Construction management is provided by P&T Technology. Commissioning is scheduled for July 2021.

The electricity produced will be remunerated at 5.15 cents per kWh, which is guaranteed for 20 years. The expected annual yield is approx. 16.2 million kWh is the consumption of 6,750 2 persons families per year.

In recent years, Energiequelle has set up photovoltaic plants in Germany, Spain and Italy. The company is currently in charge of the management of 22 factories.

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