We launched our latest super power PV module with larger wafer of 182, the BISTAR PRO series, via an online release. Our Team introduced to world audience the features and advantages of the new products. This new module series is available in five versions with power outputs of 570-590 W and reported efficiencies of 20.3-21.0%.

We have launched this summer our new Bistra Pro solar modules series at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai.

This module measures 2,472 x 1,135 x 35mm, weighs 31.5kg and features 182mm x 182mm 156 monocrystalline cells, and is available in five versions with power outputs of 570-590 W and reported efficiencies of 20.3-21.0%.

Maximum power voltage varies from 44 V, for the 570 W panel, to 44.8 V for the 590 W version, while open circuit voltage ranges from 52.9 to 53.7 V.

The operating ambient temperature ranges from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius and maximum system voltage is 1,500 V. The panel has an anodized aluminum frame and 3.2mm of tempered glass. Its junction box has an IP 68 rating.

As for all our modules, we offer a 12-year product warranty and 25-year power output guarantee. We provide guarantees for less than 2% attenuation in the first year and no more than 0.55% and 0.45% annual degradation for single-glass and dual-glass types, respectively.

High power output
Excellent anti-PID performance
Excellent cracking resistance
Lower degradation LID and LeTID
Excellent mechanical load performance
Excellent outdoor performance

This new series can help project developers reduce the balance of system (BOS) by up to 4.4% and the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of a solar plant by around 3%, compared with conventional modules. “The mature multi bus bar (MBB) technology has been utilized to reduce the internal loss and crack risk,” the company stated. “And with special designed solar cell process and optimized configuration module production, the BISTAR PRO series obtains excellent protection mechanism against the potential induced degradation (PID) phenomenon, which is greatly effective to system power efficiency.”

We have used advanced control technology for the M10 gallium doped wafer to ensure very low LID and LeTID attenuation.

1. Bigger wafer with size of 182mm
2. Module efficiency up to 21.3%
3. 10 Multibusbars technology
4. Less than 0.55% annual degradation
5. A load performance up to 5400 Pa

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