Discover our products, whether it is to find high-performance modules for all your 100KWp solar projects or whether it is looking for photovoltaic panels available with competitive carbon foot print projects. 

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Monofacial Modules

Discover our ultra-high-performance monofacial monocrystalline modules with an optimised structural design and material configuration to effectively increase component strength and mechanical load capacity. The range includes 166/182/210mm cell, 54/60/66/72/78 versions and a power range of 360-670W to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


Bifacial Modules

Discover our high-performance monocrystalline bifacial modules with an optimised structural design to improve module strength and mechanical load capacity. We use a short frame without C-side to reduce backlighting and to reduce transport costs.
The range includes 166/182/210mm cell, 60/66/72/78 versions and a power range of 360-670W to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


The Feather Modules

Discover our Feather modules with a 30mm frame. A specific module that reduces packaging and transportation costs, with an enhanced 30*28 frame.
Feather modules are available in versions 182mm 54cells with a power range of 395-415 and are suitable for a wide range of distributed scenarios.

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Our modules in action

An emblematic project for TALESUN

A large-scale Berlin installation of 20MW made up of TALESUN polycrystalline panels to optimize profitability.
See the Project

In the middle of the irrigation basins at Béziers

This major solar installation represents a total power of 12MW and is a ground installation.
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The Sun, the Sardinian energy

This huge photovoltaic field on the ground was built from TALESUN TP660P polycrystalline panels and offers an interesting yield.
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Our promise? The perfect solar panel whatever your need We have the perfect modules whatever your needs:
We are able to supply the European market and offer our different categories of ploycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, with PERC technology, our bifacial modules (2 faces) and our halfcell solar panels (halfcut). We have classified our photovoltaic modules according to the typology of your different solar projects. We have identified 3 different types of projects for our customers: Residential solar projects, photovoltaic installations on large roof-tops, and solar farms ground-mounted.

Why choosing TALESUN modules ?
The answers : Our production capacity, our warranties and certifications Our production capacity forecast for this year is 8GW of panels and 7.5GW of cells. Our modules have many different advantages for our customers: 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty, we have cyclonic certifications, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL1703, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certifications. We have very good carbon footprints for all of your tenders or huge projects. Each month, our maximum powers increase and the average efficiency of our PERC products is reached up.

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Click and discover our products, whether to find high-performance modules for all your 100KWp projects or whether you are looking for available modules with competitive carbon footprints for your projects. You will find our monocrystalline panels, our polycrystalline panels, our bifacial panels, our helf-cells modules and the “feather” the lighter panels. Click on your type of project and we will present them to you. You are professional and you wish to receive our advice, click here to access the contact details of our experts who will be able to advise you.

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