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Talesun solar panels are winning the Polish market

2019 was a particularly successful year for the solar energy sector in the European Union. In 2019, the EU added 16.7 GW of solar capacity to its portfolio, increasing the capacity of new installations by 104%. compared to 2018 data. Five countries had the largest share, namely Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Poland.

Poland is one of the countries that currently contribute the most to the increase in photovoltaic power in the European Union. Poland quadrupled its photovoltaic capacity in one year to reach 1.3 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity at the end of 2019.

Why choose TALESUN products? Super modules already on sale!

Our catalog of modules offered to the photovoltaic market in Poland is very extensive, but we focus on the most popular type of Mono Perc HalfCut modules in the power range from 400 W through 440 W to the so-called Super Modules with a power of up to 590 W – Black Frame / Full Black and Bifacial types – depending on customer needs.

This module is recognized as excellent in terms of fracture toughness, PID / LID degradation, very good configuration of the materials it is made of, as confirmed by mechanical stress tests on wind and snow. Its efficiency is appreciated by our customers, who additionally appreciate the favorable cost ratio achieved thanks to it on the side of the so-called Balance of System.

Incidentally, the other modules with 120 or 144 cells, 166 mm in diameter, are also available with a black aluminum frame and Full Black. Half-cut technology reduces power losses resulting from lower cell resistance, which means that the module increases its efficiency. In addition, the revised cell layout prevents drops in energy production due to reduced insolation. Increasing the number of conductive rails to 9 results in higher energy production, meaning an increase in module efficiency and reliability.

Our products meet the highest quality and durability standards, which is confirmed by the TUV Institute certificate. Our customers benefit from guarantees that are available for all our modules. TALESUN is one of the biggest players in Poland and we want it to stay that way.

New office in Warsaw!

In technical matters, we provide advice through our engineering support in Poland.

We are developing dynamically in Poland and we have established a local branch in Warsaw, headed by Krzysztof Romanowski, a manager with extensive experience in the construction and investment market, who has been involved in the implementation of large energy and industrial investments in Poland many times in the last 12 years.

TALESUN has supplied over 120 MW to Poland since the beginning of 2020 and over 200 MW in the last two years – mainly to investors, EPC companies and distributors.

We are open to cooperation with all market participants.

– Our global production capacity exceeds 7 GW and this number is growing every year. The supply chain management team through European headquarters in France and Germany supports our clients on a daily basis  – emphasizes Krzysztof Romanowski.

– We also believe that Poland is very interesting for our future direct investments in large photovoltaic projects – he adds.

We can contact them in Polish and English.

A few words about TALESUN

TALESUN Solar was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Zongli Group. Zhongli is a global Chinese group whose main activity is the production of high-tech products. This group includes 6 separate activities related to 2 main sectors: solar (photovoltaics, energy storage, rack and panel assembly system) and cable (optical fibers, submarine cables, high voltage grids).

The group, with a strong commitment to environmental protection, is proud to be among the TOP 500 largest Chinese private companies and the TOP 100 Chinese private companies with AAA ratings.

Our team was founded in 2010 and is part of a global team of highly qualified, committed professionals who offer exceptional service and support to help drive the success of high-tech projects.

We have a large production capacity and we adapt our solutions to your project, allowing you to choose reliable and effective decisions. As a subsidiary of the Zongli group, we benefit from a strong position in research and development and technological innovation .

This ability to innovate, added to our global presence and our financial results, makes Talesun one of the few Chinese companies to have received the VDE quality certification for the photovoltaic industry as well as the “China Photovoltaic Top Runner Award” which confirms the quality of TALESUN products Solar.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) recently published the results of a study that indicates that Talesun Solar has once again been ranked among the top 15 leading module brands and is one of the best PV module manufacturers worldwide.

This also affects Talesun’s financial standing. The brand is listed in the TIER 1 ranking in the top ten . According to the BNEF definition, this means that the company has in the past two years been supplying products for solar PV projects that were financed by at least six different commercial banks.

Founded in Jiangsu, China, Talesun has expanded its module sales to more than 50 countries around the world. In 2019, the company supplied over 7 GW of photovoltaic modules worldwide and is in the top ten according to the PV Infolink report.

The credibility and reputation of the Talesun brand have always been valued by management in market exploration, which is why Talesun is very popular in many markets in both developed and emerging countries.

In the past two months alone, the company has signed two major orders in two different markets. One is for a contract in Turkey to build two solar parks in Turkey with a total capacity of 130 MW, one of which will be the largest and first hybrid power plant in Turkey.

And the second in Poland, with Alledo Parts (Cyfrowy Polsat Group), one of the largest distributors of photovoltaic products, which purchased modules with a total capacity of 108 MW.

By the end of 2020, Talesun will have an annual module production capacity of more than 10 GW and as William Sheng, CEO of Talesun Solar said: “Looking to the future, Talesun expects to play a large role in clean energy projects.”

Let’s meet them at the Greenpower 2020 Fair on October 21-23, they will be there in Pavilion 8, stand No. 9 “SUNKRAFT”.


Tel. +48 792 199 119


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