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A supermarket with solar energy

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Power2,2 MW

This German shopping center installed this ecological 2.2 MVW photovoltaic system on its commercial roof located in Nordhorn in Germany.
An installation of 8,461 polycrystalline TP660P solar modules.

Germany, Nordhorn - 2.2 MW

Why this project?
In early spring 2016, the owner of this commercial space in Nordhorn had to deal with a leak on an asbestos roof of this already quite old building. Unfortunately a fairly classic situation. At that time the building accommodates a large supermarket and various other stores in the shopping mall. The renovation of the roof then represents a very important investment, the owner then opts for the combination of the renovation of the roof with a photovoltaic solar system. The objective is then to produce solar energy to resell it on the network and thus the income generated by this resale will help to reimburse this substantial investment. The tenant of the building, meanwhile, demanded that the income-generating commercial operations should not be hampered by the renovation of the roof. At this point, it made more sense to opt for the construction of a new grid connection for the new roof solar system in order to avoid commercial interruptions.

Project implementation
The construction project started in March 2016. The roof of the building consists of 7 roofs oriented respectively to the northwest and southeast with an angle of inclination of 11 degrees. Due to the configuration of the roof, the optimal solar irradiation for energy collection is achieved at different times of the day. It was therefore ideal to install 8,461 Talesun polycrystalline TP660P solar modules of 260 watts each, added to solar inverters with 2 power optimizers to provide the optimized power from each roof surface and optimize the profitability of the installation. This combination ensured maximum energy efficiency.

The photovoltaic solution is therefore perfect for satisfying the needs of the tenant and the owner of the shopping center. The 2.2 MVA installation was therefore connected to the network on December 29, 2016. Its performance had reached expectations in the first year of operation and very quickly ensured the owner a significant part of the reimbursement of the ‘investment. This solar power contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, a phenomenon that TALESUN takes to heart.


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