February 6, 2024, Madrid, Spain – Talesun Solar Technologies and Tecloman Energy Storage jointly showcased their latest innovations at Genera 2024, the International Energy Exhibition held in Spain. This joint exhibition not only represents the deepening cooperation between the two companies in the global energy sector but also demonstrates their firm confidence in the future development prospects of clean energy.

During the exhibition, Talesun Solar Technologies and Tecloman Energy Storage embarked on a significant milestone by signing a “Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement.” This pivotal agreement marks the commencement of a synergistic partnership, harnessing Talesun’s expertise in photovoltaic module technology with Tecloman’s specialization in energy storage. The collaboration is set to span an extensive array of initiatives, encompassing collaborative marketing and brand enhancement strategies, mutual exchange and analysis of market insights, the customization of customer-centric services and solutions, joint efforts in distribution and supply chain optimization, the exploitation of complementary technologies and products, the amalgamation of capital and resources, and the provision of comprehensive post-sales service and technical assistance. This strategic alliance is poised to set new benchmarks in the energy sector, driving innovation and delivering sustainable energy solutions.


In light of the agreement, both parties conveyed their excitement and confidence. “We hold great expectations for this partnership, as we see the convergence of photovoltaic and storage technologies as a key driver for the future of clean energy. This strategic alliance with Tecloman Energy Storage enhances our ability to address customer needs more adeptly, allowing us to deliver integrated solutions that seamlessly combine photovoltaic and storage functionalities for a more sustainable energy landscape.” said by Yabin Xing, Senior Vice President of Overseas Sales and Marketing at Talesun Solar Technologies.

Alexandra Hu, the Vice President of Global Market at Tecloman Energy Storage, expressed great enthusiasm. “We are excited to partner with Talesun Solar Technologies, a company renowned for its cutting-edge technology and vast expertise in photovoltaic systems. Tecloman, with our dedicated focus on the innovation and application of energy storage technology, has developed a robust global project implementation framework, serving a diverse clientele across Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. This powerful collaboration is set to deliver superior clean energy solutions to the international market, leveraging our combined strengths to enhance competitiveness and drive sustainable energy advancements.”

Moving forward, Talesun Solar Technologies and Tecloman Energy Storage are committed to establishing a robust, mutually beneficial partnership framework that will catalyze the advancement of clean energy worldwide. With the collaborative endeavors, it is anticipated that the photovoltaic sector will witness unprecedented breakthroughs and innovations. This synergy is expected to play a crucial role in combating global climate change and fostering sustainable development, setting new standards for the industry and contributing significantly to a greener future.

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