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TALESUN Solar was created in 2010. It is a subsidiary of the Zhongli group, created in 1988. The TALESUN Solar headquarters and one of its production factories are located in China. Since 2016, we have been part of the TOP 10 TIER 1 Bloomberg, a highly renowned ranking on the PV market of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in the world. Originally, this classification was intended for banks to estimate the solvency of companies. Today, it remains a reference point for banks, but it speaks to our partners and customers as well.

  • Supported by the biggest worlwide banks
  • A PV partner present and active worldwide
  • Recognized by the biggest photovoltaic players

Story and Key Figures

A Worlwide Success Story

“We are the Sales and Marketing team of TALESUN Solar, a subsidiary of the Zongli Group. Zhongli is a global Chinese group whose production of high tech products is the core business. This group includes 6 distinct activities around 2 main sectors: solar (photovoltaic, energy storage, rack and panel assembly system) and optics (optical fiber, its use for auto parts and for real estate).
Strongly committed to environmental protection, the Group is proud to be part of the TOP 500 of the largest Chinese private companies and the TOP 100 of Chinese private companies qualified AAA. Our team was created in 2010 and is part of a global team of highly qualified, dedicated and collaborative professionals, offering exceptional service and advice, exclusive value for money and the success of your high-tech projects. We have great production capacities and we adapt our solutions to your project allowing you to opt for reliable and efficient decisions. As a subsidiary of the Zongli group, we benefit from a strength in R&D and technological innovation at the heart of our Offer. This capacity for innovation added to our global presence and our financial results, TALESUN Solar is one of the few Chinese companies to have received the VDE certificate of quality tested in the photovoltaic industry, as well as the “”China Photovoltaic Top Runner Award ”which confirms the quality of the TALESUN Solar products.”

about our

Production Capacities

In 2017 we are increasing our production capacity to 5 GW by following up on the origin of new factories, an increase which allowed us at the time to be considered as one of the biggest players in the world market with the capacity capacity of significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our modules thanks to the latest mono PERC technology. With our factories in China and Thailand, we offer a solution adapted to the markets affected by anti-dumping laws such as the United States or Europe. At the end of 2020, we anticipate an overall capacity of 8GW of panels and 7.5GW of cells. A new production plant is actually in the works with a commissioning planned for the T4 2020 specializing in bifacial and large panels.

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1 GW
modules production capacity for 2020
1 +
an active sales team in more than 50 countries
1 +
ingeneers and scientists in our R&D laboratory
1 M$
R&D budget in order to improve our products